Joy in Difficulty

Why is it that we as believers in Christ so often tend towards some frustration with God when we go through some kind of trial…or when we bear His loving discipline…or experience persecution. We somehow feel that He isn’t being “fair” to us; we think, “why me? Why can’t He just make things a little easier”? Our flesh recoils at hardship, but we must realize…
…It is through trials that His spiritual blessings become more clear to us, that His mercies and love become more dear to us, and His strength fulfills itself so perfectly in our weakness as we come to a deeper realization of our utter dependency on Him. It is through His discipline that we see His great mercy and love as He forgives our every sin and tenderly refines us to be more like Christ, rather than punishing us with an eternal hell, as we deserve. It is through the pain of persecution that we see and experience the joy of being counted worthy to suffer for Christ and are drawn ever closer to Him, as the world sees the solid resoluteness of our faith. Oh, how unworthy we are to do so, and yet in His great mercy He counts us worthy to suffer for Him. What a wonderful, precious relationship with God grows out of our trials, the persecution we face, and His discipline in our lives! Our Father is so completely perfect, so completely in control, that every single difficulty we encounter, no matter how terrible, evil, fearful, or grievous, He will work out for our good. Think of the murder of Christ; the most atrocious act a human mind could ever imagine or commit, and yet God had purposed that for the greatest good that would ever come to us, the salvation of our souls from an eternal hell. Rather than showing that God is somehow responsible for the evil act of murdering Christ (or that God endorsed sin), the crucifixion shows how perfectly He is in control and how He took the most evil act human nature could devise and through it brought forth His eternal plan of grace and mercy in the gospel of Christ, the good news that would spread to all the nations. Christ, the Son of God, in a human body, nailed to a cross…dying in our place for our every filthy sin. Christ, conquering death for us by rising from the grave. How then can we not trust Him? How can we not lean upon Him in our difficulties? How can we not rejoice to be counted worthy to suffer for His sake? Oh, believer, look to Christ!


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